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DirtyGirl's Kawasaki ZRX 1100

Kawasaki ZRX 1100 - Manufacturers brochure image My passion for the ZRX1100 began when I first spotted it in the pages of Cycle Canada. I'm still not sure I can describe exactly what I found so arresting about the appearance of the ZRX. I simply found it beautiful.

I'm not sure I actually thought any further than that. I just loved looking at it. I don't remember thinking about riding it, or thinking about it's motor. Not until later, after I'd sat on it, did I expand my speculations.

the 1999 North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW - my first seat on a ZRX It didn't become real for me until I went to the Kawasaki booth at the 1999 SUPERSHOW and sat on a ZRX. When we met in the metal, so to speak. Look at the expression on my face.

After that it took a while to make it happen, and there were some obstacles to be considered (not the least of which was a 3" discrepancy between the seat height and my inseam). But I was convinced (devoted? sold? in love?), and it was only a matter of time...

Read the Love Story

Kawasaki ZRX 1100 - the fast green one
Street or track, this bike puts a smile on my face every time

ZRX and Andrea
Actually, just sitting on Rex makes me a grin!

Kawasaki mighty ZRX1100 in Green - particularly attractive in contrast to autumn colours
Verdis Rex, latin for Green King

More about the mighty ZRX

I'm starting to assemble and collect information useful for ZRX owners and enthusiasts. Below you'll find Specifications, Parts Diagrams, and links to ZRX Owners groups around the world, as well as media coverage of the ZRX.

Kawasaki ZRX 1100 in the media

Cycle Canada Magazine coverage - Sept/Oct 1999 Issue - Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Review The ZRX 1100 was well received by motorcycle journalists world wide, and Canada was no exception; Cycle Canada's coverage of the ZRX 1100 was quite positive.

Larger images of each page of the 4 page Cycle Canada review article can be seen on the ZRX Media page

Cycle Canada Buyers Guide 1999 listing of the ZRX 1100
The Buyer's Guide listing in Cycle Canada, from the year the ZRX arrived in Canada

Cycle World 1999 Best Bikes Kawasaki ZRX 1100 The American motorcycling publication Cycle World rated the ZRX 1100 the best 'Naked Bike' of 1999.

A larger image of the Cycle World 'Best Bikes' article can be seen on the ZRX Media page

ZRX 1100 Specification Information

Kawasaki ZRX 1100 General Specifications
Engine Type 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC, Liquid cooled, 16-Valve
Displacement 1052 cc
Bore x Stroke 76.0 x 58.0 mm
Compression Ratio 10.1:1
Carburetor Keihin CVK36(4) Constant velocity, Diaphragm-type
Ignition System 12 V Battery & Coil, Transistorized Breakerless
Ignition Advance Electronic
Crankshaft Rotation Clockwise from RH side
Cylinder Number Method Left to Right: 1-2-3-4
Firing Interval/Order 180° /1-2-4-3
Cylinder Material Aluminum alloy with ferrous sleeves
Fuel Min 91 Research/87 Avg. Oct. Unleaded OK
Coolant 50% distilled water /50% ethylene glycol base antifreeze.
- Capacity 2.5 liter
- Level Level with radiator filler neck.
Clutch Type Wet, Multi-disc, Manual
Transmission 5-speed, Constant mesh, Return shift
Shift Pattern(Bottom up) 1-N-2-3-4-5 (w/Neutral Finder)
Gear Ratios - 1st 2.73 (41/15)
- 2nd 1.95 (37/19)
- 3rd 1.48 (34/23)
- 4th 1.19 (31/26)
- 5th 1.04 (29/28)
Primary Ratio 1.64 (95/58)
Final Ratio 2.65 (45/17)
Overall Ratio (Top Gear) 4.49
Wheelbase 1,450 mm (57.1 in.)
Seat Height 790 mm (31.1 in.)
Ground Clearance 135 mm (5.3 in.)
Dry Weight 489.5 lbs. (US,CN)
Curb Weight 540.1 lbs. (US,CN)
Fuel Tank Capacity 20 liter (5.3 gal.)
Tire Size - Front 120/70-ZR17 Tubeless
- Rear 170/60-ZR17 Tubeless
Brake Type - Front Dual Hydraulic Disc
- Rear Single Hydraulic Disc
Brake Size - Front 283 mm Effective Diameter
- Rear 217 mm Effective Diameter
Wheel Travel - Front 125 mm
- Rear 118 mm
Model Identification
Year & Model '00 ZR1100-C4:ZRX 1100
Color: Ebony / Pearl Cosmic Gray (T4)
Color: Pearl Jade Green / Pearl Alpine White (U7)
VIN Range JKAZRBC1 YA033001
Engine No. Range ZXT10CE000001
Engine No. Location RH top crankcase, below cylinder
Tuning Specifications
Valve Clearance (Cold) Intake: 0.13-0.19 mm
Exhaust: 0.18 - 0.24 mm
- Adjustment Method Slide rocker/shim
Compression Pressure 189 psi
Spark Plug NGK CR9EK or ND U27ETR (USA)
- Gap .7 - .8 mm
Ignition Timing - Idle 10° BTDC ("F" mark) at 1,000 rpm (US, CN)
7.5° BTDC ("F" mark) at 1,200 rpm (CA)
- Full 35° BTDC (in double marks) at 7,700 rpm
Pilot Screw Sealed - not adjustable
Idle Speed 1000 ±50 rpm (US,CN)
1200 ±50 rpm (CA)
Engine Oil SE Class SAE 10W40, 10W50, 20W40, 20W50
- w/Filter Change 3.0 liter
- No Filter Change 2.7 liter
Fork Oil SAE 10W
- Capacity 474 cc, each
- Level 124 ±2 mm
Tire Pressure (Cold)
- Front 2.25 kg/cm2 33 psi
- Rear 2.50 kg/cm2 36 psi
Drive Chain Slack 30 - 40 mm (bike unweighted, tightest point, STD)

Link to ZRX 1100 Specifications PDF File

ZRX 1100 Parts Diagrams

Small diagrams below link to a sub-page with large JPG images

Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Air Filter Diagram
ZRX 1100 Air Filter Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Batterybox Diagram
ZRX 1100 Batterybox Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Breather Oilpan Diagram
ZRX 1100 Breather Oilpan Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Camshaft Balancer Diagram
ZRX 1100 Camshaft Balancer Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Carburetor Assembly Diagram
ZRX 1100 Carb Assembly Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Carburetors Diagram
ZRX 1100 Carbs Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Clutch Diagram
ZRX 1100 Clutch Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Crankshaft Diagram
ZRX 1100 Crankshaft Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Electrical Diagram
ZRX 1100 Electrical Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Front Brake Diagram
ZRX 1100 Front Brake Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Front Forks Diagram
ZRX 1100 Front Forks Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Rear Brake Diagram
ZRX 1100 Rear Brake Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Rear Suspension Diagram
ZRX 1100 Rear Suspension Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Shift forks and drum Diagram
ZRX 1100 Shift forks and drum Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Transmission Diagram
ZRX 1100 Transmission Diagram
Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Valve Diagram
ZRX 1100 Valve Diagram

DirtyGirl and her ZRX 1100

ZRX 1100 Owners Clubs, Bulletin Boards and website links

ZRX Owners Association (USA based) - www.zrxoa.org

ZRX Owners Club (UK based) - www.zrxocboard.com/index.php

ZRX UK - http://zrxgremllin.proboards52.com/index.cgi

ZRX Club de France - www.zrx21.com/

ZRX Owners Club Optimists (Japanese) - www.zrx.info/

ZRX Powered Sportcycle - http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Custom%20Bikes...

ZRX Verdis Rex and rider Andrea

Modifications to Verdis Rex

I get asked a fairly often about what I've done to my ZRX1100 and usually implicit in this question is the 'to make it more suitable for my size' part. Except for a custom seat, my ZRX 1100 is entirely stock.

ZRX 1100 tailview

On this page: ZRX1100 Specifications - Parts Diagrams - Links for ZRX'ers - ZRX in the media

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