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Motorcycle ride supporting the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape

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WROAR Ride Photos

WROAR X - 2014

WROAR X Photos from 2014 WROAR X... WOW, our 10th anniversary ride!
This ride started at a meeting in December 2004, when we decided to organize a ride to support the TRCC/MWAR. At that meeting we picked a name, planned this website, and began organizing and promoting the first WROAR Ride for the summer of 2005. Never did we imagine that 10 years later we'd still be at it. Yet here we are, with the 10th anniversary ride photos for you to enjoy. Thanks to our 2014 sponsors and supporters, and of course our deepest thanks all our riders too!

WROAR X Photos

WROAR IX - 2013

WROAR 9 Photos WOW, WROAR IX was a wonderful year! Lovely weather, and our popular scavenger hunt format; riders enjoyed a great WROAR in 2013. Our new bike wash feature was well received, and helped us raise over three thousand dollars for the TRCC/MWAR. Thanks to our wonderful WROAR Riders, both our old friend who have been riding with us each year, and our new riders who joined us for WROAR 9, we thank you all for your time and fund raising efforts. Thanks to all our Sponsors and Supporters for everything you do for WROAR all year long, and a special thanks to Brampton Powersports for hosting our event again in 2013.

WROAR 9 Photos


WROAR 8 receives an award from 2Ride Magazine

Extraordinary Eight! The 8th annual WROAR Ride in 2012 enjoyed wonderful weather and a cool new scavenger hunt ride format. We are also excited to announce that WROAR 8 won the Humanitarian And Achievement Award from 2Ride Magazine - Alex, Goldie and the WROAR Ride theme bike Pinky are pictured to the right with the award. Thanks to our regular WROAR Riders, we love to see familiar faces out to the ride year after year, and thanks to our new riders, so happy to meet you! Thanks to the Sponsors and Supporters who help to make the WROAR Ride a success. We're already looking forward to WROAR IV, in 2013!

WROAR 8 Photos

WROAR VII - 2011

WROAR Ride 7 in 2011 What a wonderful ride! How exciting to see familiar faces and to meet new riders too! Our new start point at Titan Motorcycles of Toronto gave us a great meet-up place, where riders could register, chat, have coffee, and see some fantastic Titan motorcycles too. This year our ride route took us out of the west end city and out into some lovely curvy country roads along a delightful route out to the Caledon Inn. WROAR Ride participants enjoyed lunch, a chance to chat with other riders about the ride, and some great prizes donated by our fabulous 2011 Sponsors and Supporters.

WROAR 7 Photos

Sadly, our fellow WROAR organizer Liz M was killed on her motorcycle shortly after the 2011 WROAR Ride - please visit our Remembering Liz page to read our tribute.

WROAR VI - 2010

The Sixth WROAR Ride - June 13, 2010 What a fabulous day! Our new Treasure Hunt ride format added greatly to the fun and laughs, with costumes on riders and bikes, plant and pet passengers, and a great variety of many different types of motorcycles, trikes and scooters. The ride route took riders quickly out of the city, into rural areas and through some wonderful curvy roads. The challenge of navigating the treasure hunt route from clues added an element of planning and strategy riders enjoyed. Thanks to our wonderful fundraising riders, riding clubs, sponsors and supporters for making our sixth ride a great success

WROAR 6 Photos

WROAR V - 2009

The Fifth WROAR Ride - June 14, 2009 A wonderful new venue at Morningside Park, a fantastic ride route with the excitement of the added challenge of a poker run! We enjoyed spectacular weather too.

WROAR V offered returning riders a new experience and new riders a more challenging route than in previous years. With the help of the Toronto Amazons, now two-time winners of our Club Challenge, we raised over $9,000.00 for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape.

WROAR 5 Photos

WROAR IV - 2008

WROAR Ride 4 2008 The fourth WROAR Ride, hosted by Honda; our biggest ride yet, and very nearly the most funds raised too! The support of motorcycle clubs including the Amazons, the Chic Riders and the Ruff Ryders helped make WROAR 4 a huge success.

WROAR 4 Photos: Page 1 - Page 2

WROAR III - 2007

WROAR Ride III 2007 WROAR moves out of the downtown core to Scarborough, where our ride was hosted by Honda Canada, with a much more scenic ride route through the suburbs and out into the country roads.

WROAR Ride III Photos - More Photos

WROAR II - 2006

WROAR Ride II 2006 The second WROAR Ride, once again at our lakeside venue in downtown Toronto but with a new route for our second ride. Demo rides and onsite massage are again very popular features of WROAR

WROAR Ride II Photos

WROAR I - 2005

The First WROAR Ride The first WROAR Ride... sweltering hot and humid weather, even with our lakeside downtown venue there was hardly a breeze to stir the wet air. Our downtown ride route attracted a lot of attention from pedestrians and other road users.

The First WROAR Ride Photos

WROAR Ride - The Early Years

Video Slideshow

Special thanks to all the many women who have been a part of WROAR's early years!

The WROAR Riders at other events


March 2013

WROAR booth at the Motorcycle Spring Show in March
Goldie and the WROAR-sters at the WROAR booth

WROAR at the Spring Motorcycle Show in 2013


March 2012

WROAR at the Motorcycle Spring Show in March
WROAR Riders and Committee members at the WROAR booth

WROAR at the Spring Show in 2012


January 2011

WROAR at the Motorcycle SUPERSHOW in January
Liz M donates WROAR's contribution to the food bank

WROAR at the SUPERSHOW in 2011


December 2009

WROAR Ride booth at the December Toronto Motorcycle Show
Liz M (right) staffing the booth

WROAR at the December show to promote the 2010 ride


December 2008

WROAR Ride booth at the December Toronto Motorcycle Show
Nadine and Patty staffing the booth

WROAR booth at the December Toronto motorcycle Show


January 2008

WROAR Ride booth at the North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW
Nadine staffing the booth

WROAR Ride booth at the 2008 Motorcycle SUPERSHOW


March 2007

WROAR Ride Bowling team, for the TRCC/MWAR's Bowlathon
Jeff, Lance, Deb, Owen, Cailen and Andrea

WROAR Ride Bowling team 2007
April 2007

WROAR Ride booth at the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show
Pinky, the WROAR Ride theme bike

Pinky, the WROAR Ride theme bike a custom painted Honda 250


March 2006

WROAR Ride Bowling Team
Rear: Maxine, Sharron, Cynthia and Barb
Front: Shannon, Andrea and Pamela

WROAR Ride Bowlathon Team at the Toronto Rape Crisis Center's bowling fundraiser


January 2005

WROAR Ride booth at the North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW
Barb, Andrea, and Maxine's ZX12

WROAR Ride booth at the 2005 Motorcycle SUPERSHOW
March 2005

WROAR Ride Bowling Team
Sharron, Shannon, Maxine, Barb and Andrea

WROAR Ride team at the TRCC/MWAR Bowlathon in 2005

Note to visitors: this new 'low-wattage' version of the WROAR Ride website requires less electricity to view and generates less light pollution. A small savings that adds up with 3,000 to 4,000 visitors per month. Our way to rebalance the karma of our carbon footprint as internal combustion enthusiasts.

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