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Motorcycle ride supporting the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape

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2005 to 2015 * Toronto Ontario Canada

Over the years, the WROAR Ride had many formats, from a marshalled group ride, an escorted ride, a treasure hunt style of ride, and in 2015 we tried a 'selfie' ride.

The women who have organized the WROAR Ride over the years are now scattered across Canada, and we are sad to see the end of this unique event and the camaraderie of organizing it and riding with all our WROAR friends... please enjoy the photos of Past Rides

Best wishes and many thanks to all our sponsors, supporters, riders and committee members, and our heartfelt thanks to the women of the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre for all that they continue to do.

WROAR Ride October 4th 2015


Photos from the 10th Anniversary WROAR Ride in 2014


Photos from the IX WROAR Ride in 2013

See more photos of the early years of WROAR on the Past Rides Page

Pinky, the WROAR Ride Theme bike, a Honda VTR 250 at WROAR 7 in 2011

2011: WROAR 7 was another great ride, but the tradgedy that occured after the event has overwhelmed us all. One of our organizing committee members, Liz Metcalfe, was killed while riding her motorcycle home from the WROAR Event. Liz will be greatly missed by all of the motorcycling community and by the women of the WROAR committee and the women of the TRCC/MWAR. Remembering Liz

Liz Metcalfe
Liz Metcalfe * 1954 - 2011

Photos on this page are courtesy of Rob MacLennan - www.morallyambiguous.net

The WROAR Ride is a Women's Motorcycle Ride, but both the ride and event are open to all, and men are encouraged to participate! Both the ride and our day-long event are open to all genders, motorcycle, scooter, and trike riders and passengers, soon-to-be-riders, and non-motorcyclists are welcome too! Please come out and support WROAR Ride X in 2014!

The WROAR RIDE is in support of:
Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape

TRCC/MWAR The Toronto Rape Crisis Centre Multicultural Women Against Rape

Online since December 3, 2004

Note to visitors: this new 'low-wattage' version of the WROAR Ride website requires less electricity to view and generates less light pollution. A small savings that adds up with 3,000 to 4,000 visitors per month. Our way to rebalance the karma of our carbon footprint as internal combustion enthusiasts.

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