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Motorcycle ride supporting the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape

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About the WROAR Ride

Comments from the TRCC/MWAR

I love motorcycles. I love women.

My name is deb singh and I work at the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape as a Counselor, Advocate, Activist.

When the opportunity to coordinate and support the Women Ride Out Against Rape fundraiser/ride, I jumped on it immediately! It was more than my pleasure to work in a community of riders, a community of women and a community of people who think the work we do at the centre is important.

My first WROAR Ride was on a sunny day in Scarborough at Honda. Riders rolled up rider by rider flashing colours and club symbols. Women and men joined together to show that they were supporting survivors. Food was aplenty, raffles were being called and riders had smiles on their faces. I was in awe of all the folks who found a connection with riding motorcycles and anti-violence work. I was in awe and wanted to hop on the back of any one of those bikes!

For me, the Women who ride out against rape, year after year, pledge their money, time, energy and creativity to make survivors and women riders seen. As a counselor, who works day after day with survivors, I am eternally grateful for their efforts and work.

Thanks WROAR! From all of us, at the TRCC/MWAR.

deb singh

WROAR - Behind the Scenes

A brief introduction to the WROAR Ride's Organizing Committee: WROAR COMMITTEE

Comments from WROAR Riders

WROAR Motorcycle Ride 2008

I had to write to express my pure joy in riding in this special Charity Event.

I have ridden in many Charity Rides and I must say this one had such a warm energetic feel to it.

You definitely get the feeling that the people involved in this event put their best forward to ensure all are part of.

The day started out cloudy and we were provided with warm coffee, donuts and muffins. The sun started shinning prior to the ride which all riders were happy to see. The ride started on time and we headed North East of the City. This ride was about 2 hours long which I appreciated as it was not too lengthy.

When we returned to base we were provided with a nice lunch and enjoyed many discussions on the ride. The raffles were next and there were great prizes for all.

Again I must say that the feel to this whole event was different from most charity rides I have attended. I will definitely return next year and probably get more involved.

Patty Duke

Meet the WROAR Organizing Committee Members who worked hard all year round to organize our fundraising event.

The WROAR Ride is organized by a committee of women volunteers. Since the ride was named in December 2004, about 40 women, mostly motorcycle riders, have been involved in the planning, promotion and organization of the WROAR Ride.

Why a 'Women's Ride'... read more

The WROAR Ride is a Women's Motorcycle Ride, but men are encouraged to participate in the ride too. Both the ride and our day-long event are open to all genders, riders, passengers, soon-to-be-riders, and spectators are welcome too!

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