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Motorcycle Racetracks in Ontario - Shannonville

Shannonville Motorsports Park hosts the vast majority of Club level motorcycle racing in Ontario, home of the R.A.C.E. Series, host to the V.R.R.A. and welcoming other forms of racing too (Supermotard as well as cars on both the drag strip/back straight and the other track configurations). Shannonville also offers a wide range of trackdays both public and private.

Shannonville can be combined into four different configurations of track surface, the Nelson, Fabi, Long and Pro tracks. The drag strip runs backwards along the back/Fabi straight.

Shannonville trackmap NELSON track
Nelson Track
Shannonville trackmap FABI track
Fabi Track
Shannonville trackmap LONG track
Long Track
Shannonville trackmap PRO track
Pro Track

Shannonville trackmap NELSON Circuit

The 'front' track or Nelson configuration of Shannonville offers the long front straight, several fast corners and a hairpin. This configuration seems to favour skilled use of the brakes, and late-braking racers tend to do well on Nelson.

Shannonville trackmap FABI Circuit

The 'back' track or Fabi circuit also includes a long straight, ending in a fast right hander, a decreasing radius right hander and some nice in-field left hand turns, as well as a slow hairpin entering onto the straight. The Fabi circuit is a bit more challenging than the Nelson course.

Shannonville trackmap LONG Circuit

The Long configuration of Shannonville includes all the infield left handers, which makes a flowing and intersting arrangement. In Ontario the tracks go clockwise, so the majority of corners are right hand turns, the opportunity to turn through several left hand turns is a unique feature of the Long track at Shannonville

Shannonville trackmap PRO Circuit

The Pro course at Shannonville is the fastest arrangement connecting the two long straights with as few corners as possible. This circuit makes for very exciting racing to watch, but I don't find it as flowing as the long track to ride.

While Shannonville doesn't offer the elevations changes of Mosport or Calabogie, the variety and complexity of the corners and the alternative track configurations help keep it interesting and challenging for both trackday riders and racers.

Visit the Shannonville Website: www.shannonville.com

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