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Motorcycle Racetracks in Ontario - North Bay
Runway Romp (temporary circuit) at the Jack Garland Airport

The Jack Garland Airport hosts the Vintage Road Racing Association's Runway Romp event in North Bay. The runways and taxiways that make up the circuit offer a range of surfaces to challenge racers, tires and suspension too.

Runway Romp Airport track layout
The purple area on the line-drawing map above shows the approximate location on the runways of the aerial photo to the right

Track overview of the Runway Romp circuit at North Bay Airport
Overview of the track layout for the Runway Romp

Images courtesy of Google Maps - www.google.ca

Corner 1

The surface of the track transitions from asphalt on the runway to a surface constructed of large concrete blocks, which seem to offer good traction unless dusty. There is considerable run-off room outside the orange cones.

North Bay Runway Romp track - approach to corner one

The first corner is clearly deliniated with cones, but somehow I have trouble seeing a racing line amongst these markers, and the changes in surface; corner one probably gives me more trouble than others.

North Bay Runway Romp track - entering corner one

Once you get to the middle of corner one, where you are back on the asphalt, you can see your exit, and you have room to accelerate hard pushing yourself towards the far left hand side of the track, past the right hand side track exit.

North Bay Runway Romp - in corner one

Corner two

As you exit corner one you get a view of corner two, another right hand turn followed by three and four, the left/right S turn onto the taxiway straight. Accelerating hard out of corner one can push you too far to the left to get a good line through the right hand corner two.

North Bay Runway Romp track - exiting corner 1 towards two

Taxiway Back Straight

The straight between corners four and five, usually a taxiway for airplanes heading from the hangers towards the main runways, has several dips and ruts to challenge your suspension, and the paint and tar-worms are an added traction hazard.

NorthBay Runway Romp racetrack - taxiway back straight

Runway Back Straight

Looking down the runway straight towards the hairpin, you see nothing but pavement at first, and riders coming back towards you on the right hand side of the runway. This is also the part of the track where you're likely to be distracted by airplanes taking off and landing on the runway parallel to the one we're racing on.

NorthBay Runway Romp track - runway straight to the hairpin

As you get closer to the hairpin you start to see the cones. There is lots of run-off room if you can't make the corner, and the cones on the outside of the corner seem sparse, which is probably safe. I found that the inside cones gave me an easier view of the approach to the corner.


The Hairpin

Although there is generous run out room past the corner, the exact scale of this corner isn't revealed until you are very close. It's a full 180 degrees, the track taking you back on the other side of the same runway, and it's a bit like doing a u-turn into your own navel.

North Bay Runway Romp racetrack - approaching the hairpin corner

Another corner in which the cones seem to make it very hard for my eye to find the line, it's being drawn by all the bright orange objects instead. This is probably the slowest corner on any track the vintage series runs on, and many riders were struggling to find a gear that worked.

NorthBay racetrack - entering the hairpin

Other Side of the Runway

Once you exit the hairpin, as long as you don't run wide and find yourself in the grass, you've got a clear run to the last corner onto the front runway straight, which you cross diagonally over the start-finish line on the way into corner one.

NorthBay runway romp race track - exiting the hairpin

Last Corner

After the hairpin you head toward the last corner, a nicely shaped left hand corner with a slightly decreasing radius. Again I find the cones complicate the corner visually, but once I found somewhere to look, the corner worked fine.

North Bay Runway Romp racetrack - approaching the last corner

From this point in the corner you still have to turn a fair ways to your left, heading across the track on a diagonal really, across the start finish line towards corner one.

North Bay Runway Romp racetrack - in the last corner

It's not until you finish this big left hander and are pointing squarely down the runway that you get a view across to the left to where you can see cones marking the entrance to corner one.

North Bay Runway Romp racetrack - exiting the last corner

The Front Runway Straight

Coming out of the last corner and getting lined up on the straight gives you a good view of lots of room to accelerate. And the width of this track gives lots of space for several bikes to dash for the finish line together.

North Bay Runway Romp racetrack - looking towards the start line

The start-finish line is somewhere mid-way along this expanse of track. Most laps you are just trying to get a glimpse of the orange cone to find your way into corner one.

North Bay Runway Romp racetrack - front runway straight into corner

Exiting from the pits

Exiting from the pits onto the track, this is the view as you come onto the racing surface, heading to the right onto the back runway straight. The entry into the pits is between corners 1 and 2, to the infield - pit in and pit out are at opposite ends of the runway that makes up the paddock area.

North Bay Runway Romp racetrack - exiting the pits

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