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Motorcycle Racetracks in Ontario - Mosport

Mosport International Raceway features four tracks, although only two are commonly used for motorcycling. There is a 1/4 mile oval and a go-kart track (that sometimes pocket bikes race on) in addition to the Rider (or Driver) Development Track as well as the historic and famous Road Course.

- Mosport Road Course - Mosport Rider Development Track -

Mosport satelite overview
Overview of entire Mosport International Raceway facility showing all 4 tracks

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Mosport Road Course arial view
Mosport Road Course arial view

Looking deceptively simple in outline, as seen from the arial view, the Road Course at Mosport is in fact one of the most challenging racetracks in North America. Almost 4 km long, and only 10 corners (one of which is on the straight) this is a very fast highspeed track favouring big horsepower and long gearing. Blind, downhill corners like corner 2 can be very intimidating, but the corner named for Stirling Moss corner number 5, is 'THE' corner on this track. I struggled for years to make sense of corner 5, but it wasn't until I had walked the track that it started to make sense. To see why corner 5 is so complicated to race through, you need to stand still and look in both directions (up and down the track) and then move 5 feet in any direction, and look again. You will begin to understand what a complicated three dimenstional form corner 5 really is. That's why a racer, even a few feet off the line from their previous lap, will feel like they are in a whole new corner. They don't build tracks like this one anymore!

Mosport Road Circuit map
Mosport Road Course track map

Mosport Road Course Elevation Map
Mosport Road Course Elevation map

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Mosport Rider Development arial overview
Mosport Rider Development arial overview of track

The Rider Development Track at Mosport is one of Ontario's most interesting racetracks, although it does not host competitive events. Like the larger (longer and wider) road course at Mosport, the rider development track offers elevation changes taking advantage of naturally hilly terrain to offer changing downhill grades on one side of the track, and a steady uphill climb on the other side. Corners built into these elevation changes are much more intersting than flat corners. The RDT packs more corners into a shorter distance and so lacks the high speeds of the road course. Although the corners are more technical and challenging, the straights give you a chance to rest, so it's not an exhausting short course, but a very enjoyable flowing yet challenging circuit.

Mosport Rider Development Track Map
Mosport Rider Development track map

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Visit Mosport for more information: www.mosport.com

Satelite images courtesy of Google Maps - www.google.ca

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