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Motorcycle Racetracks in Ontario

Motorcyclists in Ontario are very fortunate to have so many available paved race tracks that host trackdays and competitive racing events.

Each section below links to more information and larger track-map images on each track facility.

- Calabogie - Mosport - North Bay - Shannonville - TMP Cayuga -

Calabogie Motorsports Park

Located in eastern Ontario and surrounded by some of the best street riding in the province, and the most recently constructed track facility in the province.

Read more about Calabogie
Visit the Calabogie Website: www.calabogiemotorsports.com

Calabogie Track Map - link to a larger image

Mosport International Raceway

Located 45 minutes outside of Toronto, Mosport is Ontario's oldest and most famous racetrack, hosting international events since the 1960's and entirely resurfaced in 1999.

Read more about Mosport
Visit the Mosport Website: www.mosport.com

Mosport Roadcourse - link to a larger image

Mosport Rider Development Track - link to a larger image

North Bay - Runway Romp

North Bay VRRA Runway Romp Track in North Bay on the Jack Garland Airport

VRRA temporary circuit at the Jack Garland Airport

To the best of my knowledge there is only one weekend a year this surface feels the tread of a motorcycle tire, but it is a fascinating and complicated racing surface. I took my camera and walked a lap of the track to give you a view of this unique racing surface in North Bay.


Shannonville hosts more motorcycle racing and trackdays than any other track in Ontario, providing a home base for the R.A.C.E. series and very strong support for club racing in Ontario.

Read more about Shannonville
Visit the Shannonville Website: www.shannonville.com

Shannonville Long track - link to larger images of all track configurations

Toronto Motorsports Park

Previously a drag strip, TMP Cayuga expanded to include a paved road course. While there are no competitive events hosted at Cayuga, there are lots of trackdays available at this track.

Read more about TMP/Cayuga
Visit the TMP Website: www.torontomotorsportspark.com

Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga) full circuit - link to larger images and all track configurations

Track Pages: Calabogie - Mosport - North Bay - Shannonville - TMP/Cayuga

Take advantage of the wealth of racing pavement we have here in Ontario! Take your motorcycle to a trackday and enjoy the opportunity to test the performance limitations of your bike and expand your skills.

To find out more about available trackdays in Ontario visit: www.motorcycletrackdays.ca

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