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Motorcycle Racetracks in Ontario - Cayuga 'Toronto Motorsports Park'

Cayuga is primarily a 'track-day' venue, since there are not currently any competitive motorcycle racing events being held at that venue. The track offers long straights and uncomplicated corners on a very flat topography.

Three track configurations are available: The Full Circuit - Training Circuit - Club Circuit

Full circuit at TMP
Full Track
Training circuit at TMP
Training Track
Club circuit at TMP
Club Track

TMP Full circuit

The full outside perimeter of the track makes for the longest and most interesting configuration of Cayuga's TMP 'Full Circuit' track.

TMP Training circuit

The 'Training' circuit at Cayuga TMP offers a simplified layout including the shorter back straight (and avoiding the long front straight)

TMP Club circuit

The 'Club' circuit at Cayuga TMP includes the long front straight and a tighter infield section, a longer configuration than the 'training' course.

Cayuga isn't as popular a track as the famous Mosport or the brand new Calabogie, but trackdays offered at Cayuga are moderately priced by comparison and the surface at Cayuga is in very good condition.

Visit the TMP Website: www.torontomotorsportspark.com

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