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My first FAST School day - Vulcan at Mosport

My first FAST School:

My first day at the FAST School, in 2000, at an all Women's Day. FAST School is an wonderful way to learn about track riding, and improve your street riding too. I had a great group of women to enjoy my first track-school experience with - you can see from the photos just how intensely we enjoyed it :-)

3 keen riders: FAST Riding School
3 very excited riders, exchanging ideas after a session on the track

Andrea on a 600 for the first time: FAST Riding School
My first experience with the joys of a 600cc motorcycle

Intense bench racing: FAST Riding School
Andrea and Andrea: more intense bench racing after a track session

Frank Trombino, Instructor: FAST Riding School
One of our instructors at the FAST School, Canadian Superbike racer Frank Trombino

Eddie Brunet, Instructor: FAST Riding School 2000
Eddie Brunet, one of our instructors, surrounded by women track riders, including the side-car-racing duo, the Woodchis sisters Rosemarie and Christine.

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Vulcan at Mosport:

Now here's a sight you don't see every day... a Kawasaki 500 Vulcan, 1992 belt drive model, on the internationally famous road course at Mosport July 2001.

1992 Kawasaki EN 500 Vulcan, at Mosport Inernational Raceway
Photo Credit: Flair Photo

It's a bit like riding an eel, but the I learned a great deal riding the Vulcan on the track.
This past summer, when I passed a rider on a 1947 Indian in the vintage racing practice sessions, I probably had more sympathy for what he was coping with than most of the other riders on shorter wheel base bikes. :-)

Kawasaki 500 Vulcan, 1992 cornering on the road course at Mosport
Photo Credit: Flair Photo

The Vulcan with it's majestic length does not make an ideal track bike, nor does it's flexy tube frame (which copes so well with street riding & touring duty) lend itself to an agressive track ride. It was still a great deal of fun to let the Vulcan stretch it's legs up the back straight, and test it's cornering clearance limitations. This may be why I had to have the frame welded the next winter.

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