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Dirty Girl's Thank You Page

Although DirtyGirl Motor Racing is currently on hiatus from racing, I very much appreciate the support of past racing sponsors and all the businesses, friends and family who have supported my motorcycle career; Thank You!

Thanks! Or... how to courtsey in a Roadcrafter
Thank you!
Yes, this is how you courtsey in a Roadcrafter, dressed as Tinkerbell

Dirty Girl Racing Sponsors

The Rider Training Institute

Rider Training Institute


Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric


Past Season Sponsors

Dirty Girl Motor Racing is proud to acknowledge the support of Lincoln Electric; top quality welding equipment is a necessity in vintage racing, and Lincoln Electric's support of my racing efforts is greatly appreciated.
The ongoing support of the Rider Training Institute is also greatly appreciated

Dirty Girl Motor Racing 2009

Past Season Racing Supporters

2009 Season Supporters

Quinte Endurance Race: Team Iron Ovaries Captain Laura and our team mate Mel, thanks for the ride Laura! Thanks also to our two-Tim crew who helped out trackside and in the pits
Mosport Endurance Race: Many thank to my team-mate Laura, who didn't get to ride this year due to red-flag delays, our hardworking two-Tim crew, with special mention to Tim V. for acting as my umbrella boy during the trackside delays.
Special Mention: Thanks to Tim V. and the whole Voyer family, Laura and Stephen particularly for their hospitality in North Bay, Routemeister Dave, and all the volunteers and marshalls who make racing with the VRRA such entertaining and safe fun.

2008 Season Supporters

Mosport Endurance Race: Laura, my intended co-rider, and Tim who stepped in when Laura couldn't ride, and our crew of Tim V., Jeff M. and the help of Scott's crew pitted next to us.
Special Mention: The 'Pieces of Eight' crew I hang out with at the track, Gary & Carolyn, Scott & Andrea, Justin & Donna, Dennis & Karen, Laura & Stephen, and Tim V. and the Voyer family.

2007 Season Supporters

Mosport Endurance Race: Laura, my race-team mate this year, and our two-Tim crew, making us possibly the only team equipped with as many mechanics as riders.
Special Mention: all the 'Trackdays-R-Us' riders who put up with me throwing my silencers at them at least once a trackday.

2006 Season Supporters

All Season: Karen, who came over at odd hours to help me load and unload my racebike
Mosport Endurance Race: Aliki, my race-team mate this year, did a stellar job and we came third in our class! Crew members Karen, Jeff, Bruce and Tim made everything run smoothly this year.
Special Mention: Bill, in the Parts department at Cycle World East kept a straight face when I tried to order a replacement screw for my toe-slider, and found all sorts of odd bits for me.
Dwight, at Praxair, who cheerfully supplied an endless stream of welding information.

2005 'Rookie' Racing Season Support:

I never would have got to the race track, not even once, without the help of my friends, thank you all!

Mosport Endurance Race: Barb and Michelle, and our crew: Max, Karen, Tammy, Christine and Jean-Guy, Jeff and Sarah the Sable.

Special Thanks: The VRRA for organizing an awesome season of vintage motorcycle racing. My employers & clients, for time off and understanding. My fabulous parents - I'm not sure they understand about racing, but they support me anyway. My friend and pit-crew Karen, who put in a whole long and wet weekend at Mosport to support my racing adventure, overcoming her distaste for both Hondas and 2-strokes. All my fellow racers who helped a rookie out in the pits this season. And my friends for their support and encouragement: Alexis, Aliki, Angela, Barb, Bob, Brenda, Bruce, Dave, Danielle, Dexter, Jeff, Karen, Ken, Michelle, Neil, Owen, Paul, Sean, Tammy, Zaid... and many more!

Dirty Girl Motor Racing 2009

Supporting me all along the way

Behind every motorcyclist there are a bunch of great people keeping them running... I'm going to try to thank a few of them here.

I'm daunted only by the thought that many, many people contributed to my motorcycling experiences, and I'm bound to miss some.

Beyond the call:

Ross Sully - Parry Sound Ontario. To make a long story short, I left Toronto with a stock exhaust system, and arrived in Parry Sound with an open pipe ZRX. I thundered up to his shop, in a deafening roar, with only 20 minutes notice and Ross gave me a beautiful weld, allowing me to depart on a machine that sounded delightfully like my bike again! Thanks Ross!


Dave Nash, now of Nashimoto... the most brilliant mechanic it has been my pleasure to watch and my aspiration to learn from. Dave has patiently answered a million of my questions, and he always makes my street bikes happy.

Bar Hodgson, of Bar Hodgson Productions, who sold me my first race bike, ready to ride. An exceptional motorcyclist himself, Bar selected a very good first racebike for me. I've come to have a great deal of respect for Bar, and I value his encouragement of my racing.

Dave and Sasha of Parker Bros. - they always have an answer for my safety gear questions and a solution to fit me

Aerostitch Roadcrafter - Andy Goldfine makes a top quality product! One year at the Sportbike Rally I met him and basically said 'Oh yeah? Fit me!' and he did! 15+ Years later my Roadcrafter is still going, and it's still the best made item of motorcycling gear I own.

The Rider Training Institute www.ridertraining.ca where for 12 years I enjoyed the pleasure and excitement of teaching new motorcyclists to ride. It was a priviledge to share the joy of discovery and learning with new riders.

Early Years:

Competition Wheels - sadly no more - was my favorite motorcycle dealership ever.

HB Cycle - saved my vacation when I got a flat tire on the first day of a week long tour!

Becoming a Motorcyclist:

All the guys who told me 'girls don't ride' or 'you're too small' - you all contributed greatly to my determination.

Owen - who patiently gritted his teeth while I made it through my rookie years.

The CSC Rider Training Course - which gave me a good basic skill set to enter a potentially dangerous sport.

Andre, Randy, Doug & Deb, Kerry, Martha and the other motorcyclists & enthusiasts who encouraged me through my first year on the street (and who didn't say 'you're too little' or 'girls don't ride')

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Mum & Dad - you're wonderful, you've always been there for me. Most non-motorcycling parents have a pretty hard time understanding their motorcycling children, but I've got really exceptional parents, who try determinedly to understand my enjoyment of the motor racing, of speed and control. Thanks Mum, Thanks Dad!

Dirty Girl Motor Racing 2009

Dirty Girl Motor Racing

. . . Power to weight is an exponential advantage!

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