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The Racing Years - 2005 to 2009

Lined up on the grid, the roar of revving all around you, straining your ears to separate the sound of your engine from all the rest, pounding heart a physical sensation lost in the volume, hands fidgiting on the controls and eyes glued to the starter's flag, your entire being poised for the start of the race.

Vintage Motorcycle Road Racing occupied much of my riding time from 2005 to 2009, and I enjoyed every minute of five wonderful racing seasons. Sometimes it felt like a very steep learning curve, but I'm really glad to have the wonderful memories. Even learning to back up a trailer (which was agonizing at the time) is funny in retrospect.

VRRA #418 - NS250F* Honda

Dirty Girl's Vintage Road Racing Seasons


Fifth season of wonderful vintage racing with my Honda NS 250 F, which is still running very vigorously after 5 summers of road racing; pretty good for a two-stroke street bike that is now over 25 years old. Mind you, I'm over 25 too... and I'm still eagerly learning more about racing, about my bikes, and about motorcycling, and this season was a good year for learning.

2009 Shannonville Quinte TT - Mosport Vintage Festival - North Bay Runway Romp - 2009 Season

Andrea at the VRRA Vintage Festival at Mosport 2009


Another fantastic season of vintage racing, the NS and I enjoyed considerably improved performance with last winter's updates. My lap times, particularly at Mosport, improved over last year. This is also the first year my silencers have remained in place on the bike throughout the entire racing season.

2008 Quinte TT - Mosport Vintage Festival - North Bay Runway Romp - 2008 Season

Andrea at the VRRA's Runway Romp in North Bay in 2008


Third Season; Yes, it still takes me a month to find my packing list and get organized for racing, but by now at least I know what I need to organize! In 2007 the NS 250 benefits from updates to the front suspension, which turned out to be quite overdue.

2007 Quinte TT - Mosport - Runway Romp - 2007 Season

Andrea's third racing season, at Mosport in 2007


Second Season; well, I may have learned a lot in my first season, but that didn't deprive me of the opportunity to learn and re-learn in my second season. The NS 250 F runs very reliably, apart from shedding silencers, but by the end of my second season I'm starting to contemplate updates (well, 'period correct modifications' in the vintage world).

Andrea's second season of racing


Rookie Season; my first year of vintage motorcycle road racing. Yes, in theory, racing is about going fast. Turns out there's way more to it then that. It's also about standing in the right line up at the right time, which was considerably easier than learning to back up a trailer. Let's just say I had to learn a lot of new stuff to go racing!

2005 - Andrea's Rookie racing season

Not Quite Racing

The Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

A 24-hour endurance road rally, involving many acts of madness; in addition to the general craziness of travelling over 700 km's on public roads while wearing a costume on a 50cc scooter. I love it!

Team Dirty Girls on Hondas at the 2009 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally

Mad Bastard Rally Photos and Stories

Rookie Year Straight Jacket Class 2007

Team Dirty Girls Straight Jacket Class 2009

*Vintage RACE Bike for SALE!

1983 NS 250 F Honda - $2,450.00 CDN

An NSR400 look-alike, this uncommon Honda is a v-twin liquid cooled two stroke street bike from the Japanese market. This bike has been converted for vintage racing, and was successfully campaigned in the VRRA's P4F3 class from 2005 to 2009 without a single DNF! Bike runs very reliably, with many failure-prone parts removed from the system (oil injector, fuel pump, all unnecessary street equipment) - it runs on 2-stroke gas-oil premix. This Honda has a very easy kick-start, with a total-loss battery to run the tachometer, it's an easy vintage bike to keep going throughout a weekend of racing, and is fully safetywired and ready to go, with an eligibility number registered with the VRRA.

See photos at: http://www.dirtygirlmotorracing.com/articles/NS250F.html

Located in the St.Catharines Ontario Canada area, and any shipping of bikes will have to be arranged by the buyer.

Serious Inquiries only please! Email Andrea: girl@dirtygirlmotorracing.com

Dirty Girl Motor Racing 2009

Dirty Girl Motor Racing

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