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Dirty Girl's Motorcycle Photos

Since retiring from racing in 2009, I've noticed a lack of road-side-photographers! At the end of a racing weekend I nearly always had a cd of images to post, but now that I'm mostly a street-rider, I'll have to find new ways to capture images for this site - updates will be coming soon!

2009 Racing Season

The fifth wonderful season of vintage motorcycle road racing on the Honda NS250F. A great year for women in vintage motorcycle racing too; there are more of us now then ever. My racing season had a slow start with bike preparation delays, but Mosport and North Bay were great rounds of racing to finish off the season. Photos and updates from each round: Quinte TT - Mosport Vintage Festival - North Bay Runway Romp

4 women racers at the North Bay Runway Romp
Photo Credit: Timothy Speid

Mad Bastard Scooter Rally 2009

Team Dirty Girls on Hondas, Andrea, Aliki and Barb, take on the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally and we rock! All members of the team finished in the top 15, out of the 75 scooters entered; we're the first ever team of women to finish in the Straight Jacket Class for 50 cc scooters. We had a fantastic ride, spending most of 22 hours and 22 minutes pinned wide open and running at redline. Team members reports and photos: Andrea's Report - Aliki's Report - Barb's Report

Mad Bastard Scooter Rally 2009 - Andrea in motion
Photo Credit: CMG Online

2009 Winter work on the Kawasaki ZXR 250

DirtyGirl Motor Racing, with the help of the Speid Motor Co., is preparing a new bike for the 2009 racing season a 1989 Kawasaki 4 cylinder 4 stroke 250 cc; the ZXR250. I'm returning to the more familiar world of four strokes, where parts have names I know, and even bits I don't know the names of look familiar.

Kawasaki ZXR 250 in the process of being converted for vintage motorcycle racing
Photo credit: Andrea

2008 Racing Season

The 2008 racing season is a great year for the NS250 and I, despite a very wet summer by Canadian standards, and too much rain racing by my personal standards. See the pictures from Quinte TT - Mosport Vintage Festival - North Bay Runway Romp.
North Bay Runway Romp 2008
Photo credit: Linda

2008 Winter work on the Honda NS 250

With the NS250 undressed for the winter, I took the opportunity to record some digital images documenting the mostly-original condition of the bike.

NS250 carbs seen through the frame
Photo credit: Andrea

2007 Racing Season Story & Photos

Another season of racing on the wonderfully reliable NS250F, and some great trackdays too. The 'Team Dirty Girl' endurance racing team welcomed a new team-mate, Laura, aboard the little Honda for another 'all women' entry into the Mosport endurance race for the third year running. Other highlights of the 2007 racing season include the 'Mad Bastard' scooter rally organized by CMG Online. Read more about the 2007 season.

Andrea Goodman aboard the NS250F at the 2007 Quinte TT
Photo credit: Flair Photo

2006 Racing Season Story & Photos

The NS is really growing on me, it's light, agile and very reliable. I missed St.Eustache again, but I ran the Ontario rounds of the VRRA, including the endurance race at Mosport with team-mate Aliki. Read the 2006 Racing Season Story for all the details and photos too.

NS 250 at Mosport July 2006
Photo credit: Flair Photo

2005 Racing Season Photos

The NS 250 is different than anything else I've had on the track, skinny tires, narrow and light chassis, 2-stroke power; all new to me. I'm tip-toe-ing around Shannonville at a trackday in July in the photo on the right.
More 2005 Season Photos

NS 250 at Shannonville summer 2005
Photo credit: Flair Photo

Camping and Touring Photos

Catching up on some old photos including motorcycle touring on the EN 500 Vulcan Photos and some bike-packing tips too.
Other early photos include my first day at the FAST School, and some beauty shots of my Kawasaki street bikes.

Andrea and the Vulcan with a full load of gear
Photo credit: Martha Sayeau

Shannonville Trackday Photos Long Track day July 20, 2004

Me 'n' Rex toddle around Shannonville... I love all those combination left handers on the long track configuration, I think it's my second favorite track next to the Road Course at Mosport.
Shannonville Long track trackday
Photo credit: Flair Photo

IPD Trackday Photos TMP Cayuga May 28, 2004

Lots of great photos from the 'Instructor Professional Development Trackday' at Toronto Motorsports Park - Cayuga - on May 28, 2004.

IPD Trackday - bikes of all types!

Dirty Girl in the media

Toronto Star coverage
2008 Racing Season

Toronto Star Wheels section coverage of the VRRA Vintage Festival at Mosport from August 23, 2008

Dirty Girls Endurance team makes the news!

Toronto Star Wheels section photo of the VRRA Mosport Vintage Festival in 2008

Dirty Girl is a Cover Squirrel?

No, wait, a cover girl?

NO Way - C'mon, a 5 foot 2 cover girl that doesn't wear make up?

OK, I see, it's a motorcycle magazine... still, the fashionistas of world must be horrified.

Even considering the helmet...


Dirty Girl Motor Racing 2009

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