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Action, adventure, and really wild things...

Well, if your idea of adventure is motorcycle touring, and your idea of action is motorcycle racing, you're in the right place, 'cause that's what you will find here. Trackday and bike build pictures can be found in my 'Photos' section, and links to pictures of past seasons racing in my Racing page. My Articles section is growing to include a wide range of articles from several contributors. The Links page features resources for women riders, links to women racers pages, and resources for trackday riders and vintage racing enthusiasts too.

What's new in the DirtyGirl website...

Vulcan's Zero-Odo day

August 2022 - a day spent on winding double-yellow-line roads with my Vulcan to celebrate a major milestone, the Vulcan's Zero-Odo day Vulcan turns Zero


Spring 2020 - a motorcycle poetry contest that never happened lead to this interesting adventure into writing poetry... Your Voice

WROAR Ride, a fundraising motorcycle ride for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre that ran from 2005 to 2015, and event very dear to my heart

Close to my heart...

The WROAR Ride

2005 to 2015 - THE WROAR Ride - A women's motorcycle ride to raise money for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre Multicultural Women Against Rape (TRCC/MWAR). See the photos and read more about WROAR

Andrea at Mosport 2008, on the NS 250 F Honda Dirty [as in: 'covered with dirt' - NOT as in: 'smut, rude']
Girl [as in: 'woman, female person' - NOT as in: 'child']
Motor [as in: 'internal combustion engine' - NOT as in: 'electric motor']
Racing [as in: go faster... sufficiently unambiguous?]

So... if you are looking for naked girly pictures, I'm sorry to disappoint; there are beautiful women, not much bare skin but lots of leather. If you are a motorcyclist or motor racing enthusiast, do please read on.

The Dirty Girl Motor Racing name... a protest (or perhaps just rebellion?) against societies expectations about class, gender and dirt. Growing up I discovered that a woman, to be thought a lady, must remain clean. I was fortunate to grow up in privileged circumstances, but I resisted hierarchical ideas about class, and rejected gender appropriate ideas about dirt. I spent my childhood playing with insects, rats and frogs. As it turns out, my adult interests are similarly dirty and arguably unladylike. I've been motorcycling for most of my adult life, and I enjoy sharing my passion with others; I've been teaching motorcycle rider training since 1999. Motorcycling is not necessarily a dirty pastime I suppose, but I always end up getting dirty. I like touching bikes, particularly their dirty working parts, and then I get dirty hands, which I inevitably smear on my jeans or my face, ending up dirty in general. So when I was thinking up a name for this website I decided it was time to reclaim dirt for women... or for those of us (and I've met many in motorcycling) who feel that dirt shouldn't threaten our gender identities.

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Street: Kawasaki ZRX1100 * Kawasaki EN 500 Vulcan
Race: Kawasaki ZXR 250 * Honda NS 250

Dirty Girl Motor Racing

Dirty Girl Motor Racing

. . . Power to weight is an exponential advantage!

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