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Dirty Girl's Fun and Games!

Tire Pile Guessing Game

Tire technology has developed over the same time period as the internal combusion engine - test your familiarity with tire developments in this virtual visit to a fascinating tire pile.

Tire Pile Game

Dirty Girl Tire Pile Guessing Game

Carburetor Guessing Game

How well do you know all those nifty little bits of metal wonder inside your carburetors? Try out this Carb guessing game to test your familiarity with their inner workings.

Carburetor Game

Dirty Girl Carburetor Guessing Game

Tachometer Guessing Game

How fast does your engine rev, and why? Guess the motor size and configuration from the evidence of the tachometer in this tach guessing game.

Tachometer Game

Dirty Girl Tachometer Guessing Game

More Fun

All motorheads love tools, but we don't always call them by the same names, or use them in different ways... Read more in the Tool Glossary

More Fun Stuff for Motorheads

...from around the internet...

Lucky 13

A brilliant road safety campaign of rider education promoted by the motorcycle industry in Europe.

Read about the campaign here: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/pdf/ACEM_cartoon_flyer_EN.pdf

Download the Lucky 13 cartoons

PDF Files will open in a new window

1 - Junctions: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/pdf/nr1_en.pdf

2 - Roadways: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/pdf/Nr02-EN.pdf

3 - Road Surfaces: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep3/Nr03-EN-ACEM-online%20use.pdf

4 - Diesel and Liquid spills: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep4/Nr04-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

5 - Damaged road surfaces: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep5/Nr05-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

6 - Traffic calming devices: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep6/Nr06-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

7 - Nighttime hazzards: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep7/Nr07-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

8 - Debris: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep8/Nr08-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

9 - Central islands: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep9/Nr09-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

10 - Bends: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep10/Nr10-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

11 - Decreasing radius bends: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep11/Nr11-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

12 - Metal covers and painted surfaces: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep12/Nr12-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

13 - Winter and ice treatments: http://www.acem.eu/cartoon/neweps/ep13/Nr13-EN-ACEM-online.pdf

Paper Toys for Motorheads

Paper Replica Motorcycles from Yamaha

V-Max - http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/realistic/vmax/

SR400 - for the vintage crowd! http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/realistic/sr400/

DSC11 - want a cruiser? http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/realistic/dsc11/

MT01 - http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/ultra/index.html

Dirty Girl Motor Racing

Dirty Girl Motor Racing

. . . Power to weight is an exponential advantage!

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