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The Tire Pile Guessing Game

A guessing game... remember the one from Sesame Street? Which of these things does not belong? In the picture below you'll find a pile of tires, see if you can guess which one doesn't belong.

which of these tires doesn't belong?
Tire technology has changed considerably over the years, and there is one tire in this pile built with significantly older technology, can you spot it?

tire pile, from another view

Here's the same pile of tires from another view. It's certainly a diverse and intersting collection of motorcycle tires, and you might spot a few that seem out of place.

which tire doesn't belong? wrong answer one

Well, that tire is out of place. It's a car tire in a pile of motorcycle tires. Actually, a light truck tire, but still a modern tire... look for something older.

which tire doesn't belong? wrong answer one

That dirt-bike knobby tire is rather out of place in a pile of streetbike tires, although it is a dual-sport street-bike tire actually. And it's a modern tire, even though it may seem out of place in this tire pile.

One more clear view just to give you one last hint...

tire from the earlier part of the last century... see it?

Scroll down just a bit for the answer...

Tire Pile guessing game answer

That's a farm tractor tire... look more closely, it's an ancient and disintegrating relic of tire technology from nearly a century ago.

Here's a few more closeup pictures of it...

tractor tire 'Goodyear' logo and label tractor tire '4 ply' rating label
tractor tire tread tractor tire disintegrating carcas showing construction

I think I'm going to enjoy my nice sticky high tech modern tires a lot more now...

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