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Excuses for Motorcyclists

Need a good excuse to go for a ride, and can't think of one? Borrow one of ours!

These excuses have been contributed (donated?) to DirtyGirl Motor Racing by several of the regulars; writers, riders and racers. Although individual excuses are not credited to their writers, to protect the privacy of those who may have used them previously.

Excuses for: Long Ride, Weekend Trip, Motorcycle Tour, Going Racing, New Motorcycle, New Racebike

excuses, excuses, excuses... need a good one? borrow one of ours!

Going for a long ride

- On Thanksgiving - "Well, the turkey's in the oven, and the family members won't be here for several hours, and there will be so many of them, standing around on the carpet, that they won't notice I didn't vacuum or dust, because I'm out riding on this glorious fall day!"

It's Saturday

It's Sunday

I have Monday off!

It might rain later so I'd better go now

It's raining and my bike is really dirty, it might be cleaner when I come back if I go for a ride now

It might be sunnier somewhere else

I need some gas in the tank, and while I'm here, I'll just... hey, there's Gravenhurst!

I have to hit 100K on my odometer this summer

To buy apples from an orchard 240 kilometers away

My better half says riding helps her aching back

To visit friends in other towns

To explore old mountain ghost towns

Go to the motorcycle shop in case they got a sale on something

Go to the camping store to see if they got a sale on something

To get away from our snooty neighbors

To charge the motorcycle battery

To scuff in new tires

The further away ice-cream is, the better it tastes when you get there and eat it

Going for a Motorcycle Tour

"I haven't seen my friend in Nova Scotia for 20 years."

"I've wanted to see Perce rock since I read about it in a Grade 3 reader."

A friend says, "Come visit me," so you go to the Finger Lakes region in New York.

To see towns with strange names

Ghost Tour - make a list of famous haunted houses, bridges, and other architechtural hauntings and select a touring route to connect them!

Going for a Weekend Ride

Because all the other VFR riders will be there

Hey, it's the Parry Sound Sports Bike Rally

I have to try out my new leather jacket

I have to try out my new Givis

I want to make sure my new helmet really fits properly before the long tour

Buying a new bike excuses

It's much prettier than my old bike

It's January, and I'm in a bike shop.

I really, really love it

Well, it's not really a new bike, so I got a good deal

Going Motorcycle Racing

That is the most fun I've ever had with my clothes on.

I really, really love it

Can't get speeding tickets at the racetrack

Getting a new race bike

I need parts for the old race bike

I really, really love it (yes, it applies to racebikes too)

It's not really a bike, it's just a motor

I've only ever bought an old one, so I don't need an excuse

My spouse has more racebikes than I do

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