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Earth Day 2013

Motorheads sometimes have a bad reputation when it comes to environmental issues... just about every fluid consumed by a motorcycle (or a car) is toxic or flammable or both, and all of them present environmental hazards. To make up for our carbon footprint as motorcyclists, we can be extra conscientious in our household energy consumption and in other ways... think about taking this pledge for Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013 - DirtyGirl offers planet friendly ideas for motorheads

Dirty Girl's Earth Day 2013 Pledge

Earth Day 2013 - planet friendly ideas for motorheads

Safe Disposal

Old batteries, old motor oil, tires and fluid from your parts washer... all that shop stuff is all difficult to dispose of, because most of it is environmentally hazardous. Be sure to keep up-to-date with your local municipal bylaws and know your local hazardous waste disposal policies.

This earth day, I'll go through my shop and collect hazardous materials I can and safely dispose of them

Earth Day 2013 - planet friendly ideas for motorheads

Leak Not

Fluids that go into your motorcycle (or your car) are all expensive, as well as environmentally dangerous, to various degrees. Gasoline, motor oil, antifreeze/coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid... all of it is nasty. Leaks are not a good sign for your vehicle, and they are also dangerous for the environment... so there are lots of reasons to make sure your vehicles 'leak not' into the environment.

This earth day, I'm going to carefully check all my vehicles for leaks, and address any I find right away

Earth Day 2013 - planet friendly ideas for motorheads

Less is less

Avoid using toxic shop products whenever possible. A sonic cleaning tank is a great alternative to a solvent-based parts washer to get parts clean without using a lot of toxic chemicals. Even if it's just one cleaner you give up this year, try to find a way to do without some of the nasty toxic stuff, or find a more environmentally friendly replacement for one of the cleaning products you use most often.

This earth day, I'm going to give up at least one toxic cleaning product from my shop

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