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Another Happy Vulcan 500

I received a lovely email from a fellow happy Vulcan owner, George - I asked him for the story of his Vulcan, to share with you, and here's what George told me about getting his first bike...

EN 500 Vulcan Kawasaki I purchased the bike in 2008 before I had ever even got on a bike much less had a license. I did some research and found that the Vulcan EN500 was a good starter bike and very reliable. So, the cost was right at $1900 and it was in mint condition as a doctor babied this bike for his wife. She was getting ready to upgrade. He even gave me the original manual, windshield and saddlebags.

I drove my truck over the Palisades Park, New Jersey after picking up some straps... It had to sit in my garage for about three months as I didn't even have a license. That was REALLY Rough! All I could do is start it up and maybe sit on it and go five or ten feet... Wow, I don't know how I got through that time. I finally got up the $350 for the three day school for motorcycle safety and obtained my license after the second try. Now I was finally able to RIDE! ... What a feeling that was the first time I got on the highway. ... I just can't describe it!

buying your first bike - Kawasaki EN500 Vulcan cruiser Not long after, and that same season the head had to be replaced... There goes $1100... Then battery problems and a few minor things. Well, last season was the kicker... The bike was vandalized… Wires cut and bike tipped over! The bike was a total loss according the insurance company but I had to get it fixed... $1500 ... I love the bike and we have a great relationship. .. I do my best to keep it in good working order and nice and clean... Now at 12,000 miles and still running great. I was a little hesitant last night but it hasn't been ridden for about three winter months.

Finally, 70 degrees today and a GREAT day to Ride!

Believe it or not, i have been having some financial difficulty and have an add up right now... But I could just cry thinking about not having those awesome Night Rides on My Vulcan EN500!



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