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One Pot Meal Recipes for camping on a motorcycle

Motorcycle Camping Recipes - Part 2

Motorcycling articles by Leonard R.

Leonard - Motorcycle Touring contributor

Camping Recipes:

Breakfast Oatmeal and Fruit - Easy Pancakes - Dinner: Chicken Noodle Stew - Divine Chili

Far to often in the mornings, Judy and I are eager to break camp and get out onto the road. On those days, we usually have cereal, fruit, milk and coffee. Sometimes we would stay at the same campgrounds for a few additional days and cook breakfast in the pot. One of our favorites that is quick to make, is the oatmeal breakfast.

Oatmeal Breakfast.

one pot recipes for camping - Oatmeal and berries Purchase oatmeal that comes in the little packets. Bring along the number you would normally eat for breakfast. In a separate bag bring along ½ cup of raisins per two packets of oatmeal. In a separate bag, bring along 3 tablespoons of brown sugar per two packets of oatmeal. Optional ingredients are ½ cup of chopped apple or ½ cup of chopped peaches, ½ cup sliced strawberries, ½ cup raspberries or any combination. Purchase them fresh the night before. At the camp site, you'll need water. (If you use canned peaches, drain well.)

Sauté the raisins in the bottom of the pot with ½ cup of water on high heat, near boiling, for about 3 minutes. Add the recommended amount of water (for two packets) and add brown sugar. When the brown sugar is dissolved, add the oatmeal and simmer until the oatmeal is done. (You can toss in the fresh apples or other fruit, when you toss in the oat meal, or about half way through cooking the oatmeal for a less mushy fruit. Except for the apples, the other fruit can be added with out cooking them, if you prefer. If you use canned peaches, don't place them in the pot, but serve over the oatmeal in the bowl.)

We like milk dribbled over our oatmeal, with a little sugar or honey, so the night before, we purchase a small bottle (10 ounce / 250 ml) of milk from a store. It can be kept cool overnight with a little cold water in the pot. One bottle is enough.

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Once on a tour, we happened to camp for a couple of days, with a young girl from Switzerland. She was touring Canada and the United states for a full year on her shipped over Harley. We shared our breakfast with her on the two mornings she was in the campground with us. The second morning, Judy treated her to pancakes. The Swiss Miss, had never had pancakes before and thought they were a real delight. So, Judy shared this simple recipe with her, so she could enjoy pancakes any time she liked.

Judy's Easy Pancakes.

one pot recipes for camping - pancakes Buy a small box of Jiffy Muffin Mix. Important! Read the box and purchase the one that does not require eggs or milk. Follow the directions for making muffins, except do not use as much water. This will make the batter the consistency you would like for regular pancake batter. Then pour your serving amount into the frying pan and cook as you normally would. Top with syrup, honey or sugar and even add some fresh fruit if you like. This truly does make a fine pancake.

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My late Grandmother Bauer spent her childhood years living in a sod house on the central plains of South Dakota. She often related warm memories of the Native Americans who came visiting on horse back, bringing pheasant, quail or prairie chickens for her mother to cook. Everybody would then sit around the outdoor table in the summer evening breeze and talk about life as they all shared this simple meal. Over the years Grandmother's recipe was adopted to use the easier obtained chicken. Grandma never gave this dish a name, so I did for this article. I can hear her laughing now.

Grandma Bauer's cheap chicken noodle stew.

one pot recipes for camping - chicken noodle stew (Recipe adapted for two people.) Two thin chicken breasts or 4 chicken legs. One or two medium fresh carrots, thin sliced. 4 teaspoons of flour and 1/2 cup of powdered milk mixed together in a plastic bag. Enough dry noodles for two people.

Pre-cook the noodles and carrots and set aside. Place the chicken in the pot and barely cover with water. Cook on medium heat, turning the meat occasionally until meat separates from the bone. (Usually 45 minutes.) Add small amounts of water if needed, to keep the chicken covered. Remove the cooked chicken from the pot after the chicken has fallen from the bones and set aside. You may want to cut the chicken into smaller chunks after cooking. Remove bones from the pot, leaving the water in the pot. Add the flour-milk mixture to the remaining water (broth) in the pot. Stir immediately to dissolve the powder. Bring the mixture to a light boil. Slowly stir to keep the sauce from scorching. Once the sauce becomes a thin cream toss in the chicken meat and carrots. Stir a couple of times. Pour it over the noodles. Season to taste.

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Have you ever been riding during the day when the wind changes to where it's coming out of the North or West and you just know it's going to be a chilly night? A good one pot meal for those nights or any night for that matter, is chili. (Chili Con Carne.) This recipe is basic in ingredients. I think I copied it from a church recipe book of my Mother's many years ago. Since it's church chili, it must be divine.

one pot recipes for camping - divine chili

Divine Chili.

This recipe serves two people. For us motorcycle people, I would mix the following dry ingredients and place them in a small marked plastic bag. 2-3 teaspoons (to your taste) of chili powder. 1/8th teaspoon or a tiny pinch of garlic powder. (Go easy on the garlic.) On the way to the campground, purchase ½ pound of ground beef, 1 tiny onion (¼ cup), 1, 7.5 ounce can of tomatoes and 1, 8 ounce can of red kidney beans and some Rolaids.

(This recipe can be cooked in a large skillet too.) Chop the onion first. Crumble or chunk the ground beef in the pot or pan, along with the onion and chili powder-garlic mix. While the meat is cooking, cut up the tomatoes. When the onion in the meat has become tender and the meat is brown, add the cut tomatoes un-drained, along with the red beans un-drained and stir. Bring the mix to a boil and then reduce heat and let simmer for 5-7 minutes depending upon the altitude. You won't need to add any water.

If your store has a bread aisle with a nice selection, you might want to pick up a small quantity of hard rolls, corn bread, wheat bread or crackers to accompany the chili.


Be a good camper and properly dispose of your waste. Place it in a proper refuse container, even if it means hauling it a few miles to the next town. That's why we always carry several rolled up thin plastic shopping sacks obtained from the food stores.

Camping Recipes:

Breakfast Oatmeal and Fruit - Easy Pancakes - Dinner: Chicken Noodle Stew - Divine Chili

1pot camping recipes for motorcycling

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