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Dirty Girl's Motorcycle Articles

motorcycling, vintage racing, touring, articles for racers and new riders, fun & games, guest writers; even a love story!


Andrea's Motorcycling Articles:

Vulcan is new again with an odo showing zero on August 17, 2022

Vulcan celebrates a milestone

Similar to a special birthday, the Odo-to-zero day is a big day for a motorcycle! Bought used in 1993, my 1992 EN 500 Vulcan has been anticipating this day for decades. Read more about the Vulcan's Zero-Odo day.

Tour de Victoria 2021

My day as a Lantern Rouge 2021

Going a long way slowly has become a thing of mine... this was 100km's in first gear! And it was far more entertaining that that probably sounds. Read about my Day as a Lantern Rouge for the Tour de Victoria 2021 Bicycle event.

Spring Motorcycle Poem

Your Voice

Spring inspired motorcycle poetry, about a familiar voice we all long to hear in spring. Read more: Poetry

Dandilion Tires

Tires and Dandilions...

Dandilions are amazing plants, and tires are amazing technology. But just how do those two things connect? Read more: Tires and Dandilions
DirtyGirl is Back in the Saddle Again

Back in the Saddle Again

Thanks to those of you who have emailed to ask... yes, I'm still here, even though it's a different here... and I'm happy to be Back in the Saddle Again!
DirtyGirl's Carburetor Guessing Game Is it a jet needle or a needle jet?
Test your knowledge in the Carburetor Guessing Game
The development of the modern motorcycle helmet Motorcycle Helmets
The history and development of the modern motorcycle helmet.
Reading your motorcycle tires Motorcycle Tires
5 Questions you should be able to answer about your tires, and why.

Guest Articles:

Honda CB350 Carburetor Cleaning article


Queen of the Carbs - Cleaning the CB350's Carbs

Quinte Endurance 2011 - Three Women, Two Wheels, One great time!

Laura's Mosport Endurance race story

Leonard Vulcanfog regular contributor to the DirtyGirl Articles page


Leonard's own articles page: Two Wheels by the Campfire
Camping one pot meal recipes


More of Leonard & Judy's One Pot Camping recipes: Part 5

Motorcycle Touring A Tour to Remember Touring in the 60's:
Leonard's First Motorcycle Tour in 1965 First Tour

Happy Vulcan

A new rider and his first bike: another Happy Vulcan

First Bike article by a new motorcycle rider

J Newrider

The experience of learning to ride and buying your first bike.

So you want to race?

Bob S

So, you want to Race?
A rookie vintage road racer shares his Shannonville experience

Lance and his new BMW


Buying a New Bike: a tall leap of dirty faith

Bob Rembering the Honda Cub

Bob R

Vintage Motorcycles - Ontario Registration Information
Remembering the Honda Super Cub

Useful for Racers...

Building a motorcycle bellypan for racing Bellypan Basics: building your own bellypan

mouthguards prevent concussions and head injury in helmet sports Mouthguards for motorcycle racing

Motorcycle Racetracks in Ontario Canada Ontario Racetracks: track maps of Mosport, Shannonville, Cayuga TMP, Calabogie and North Bay!

Packing list for the racetrack Motorcycle Racing: Track Packing List

Motorcycle Shop safety and the environment Shop safety & the enviroment
DirtyGirl shares some thoughts on making your home motorcycle workshop safer for you and for the environment.

Useful for Touring Riders...

packing a tool kit for motorcycle touring Packing a Tool-Kit for motorcycle touring

Packing your motorcycle for touring Packing your motorcycle for camping and touring
Owen - Motorcycle Touring packing list Owen's Motorcycle Touring Packing List

Mr Minimalist - Motorcycle Touring packing list Mr. Minimalists's Touring Packing List

Useful for New Riders...

Choosing your first motorcycle Selecting your FIRST Motorcycle

Preparing your motorcycle for winter storage Preparing your motorcycle for winter storage

Fun for Motorheads:

DirtyGirl's Carburetor Guessing Game Is it a jet needle or a needle jet?
Test your knowledge in the Carburetor Guessing Game
Excuses to go motorcycling Excuses Can't think of an excuse to go riding or racing? Borrow one of ours!
The Tachometer Guessing Game The Tachometer Guessing Game
The wonders of Duct Tape Wonderful Duct Tape

Tool Glossary - Discover the proper use for the XXXIT tool Dirty Girl's Tool Glossary

For Motorheads of all kinds: The Tire Pile Guessing Game The Tire Pile guessing game

Vintage Racing...

A Ten Step Plan to go Motorcycle Roadracing Want to go racing?
A 10 Step Plan to go Motorcycle Roadracing
flags in motorcycle racing article Motorcycle Racing Flags
Flag procedures used in Canadian vintage motorcycle road racing
ZXR 250 Kawasaki prepared for vintage racing The NEW Race Bike: Kawasaki ZXR 250 Page
Honda NS 250 F - Racebike page The FIRST Race Bike: Honda NS 250 Page

Vintage Motorcycle Racing 2009:

Dirty carburetor parts become clean and reassembled carbs October 2009: Rebuilding the ZXR's Carburetors
Andrea at the VRRA's Runway Romp in North Bay North Bay Runway Romp 2009
Racing on the runways at North Bay - read more
VRRA weekend at Mosport 2009 Mosport Vintage Festival 2009
The Honda NS 250 rides again at Mosport - read more
VRRA Quinte TT at Shannonville 2009 VRRA Quinte TT at Shannonville 2009
Introducing Team Iron Ovaries riding on Laura's CBR 250 - read more
Kawasaki ZXR 250 carburetors DirtyGirl begins preparing a new vintage race bike ZXR 250 Preparations
Dirty Girl - Past Motorcycle Racing Seasons See the Past Racing Seasons page for earlier seasons, more racing stories, and photos.

Scooter Rally...

MBSR 2009 - Andrea reports
MBSR 2009 - Aliki reports
The 2009 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally - Team Dirty Girls on Hondas
We rode 749 km's on 50 cc scooters, finishing the rally in 22 hours and 22 minutes... how mad is that?
Read More: Scooter Rally - Andrea's Report - Barb's Report- Aliki's Report

Andrea's Bikes:

Kawasaki EN 500 Vulcan page Street: Kawasaki EN 500 Vulcan page

Kawasaki ZRX 1100 Street: Kawasaki ZRX 1100 page

Honda NS 250 Race: Honda NS 250 racebike page

Kawasaki ZXR 250 Race: Kawasaki ZXR 250 page

Andrea's Articles:

Earth Day Challenge for Motorheads

Earth Day Challenge for Motorheads

Let's face it, we motorheads don't have a very good reputation for being kind to the planet. Let's look at a few ways we can each make changes to help the environment. C'mon, don't be shy, you can give mother earth a little hug!
Earth Day 2013

Worm Composting

WORM Composting:

Vermiculture my slow pets a worm farm for composting at home (even in an apartment) and an easy way for motorheads to give something back to the enviroment.

Yoga for Motorcyclists Yoga for Motorcyclists - Beginning Yoga

Motorcycle Love Story


When a Girl falls in Love with a Motorcycle

Vintage Articles Reproduced

ladies riding attire article reproduced Early 1900's article Ladies Riding Attire

Dirty Girl Articles: motorcycling, racing, touring, articles for racers and new riders, and more; even a love story!

If you have any input, feedback or comments about these articles, please e-mail: girl@dirtygirlmotorracing.com

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