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Dirty Girls on Hondas Scooter Rally Team

Aliki, Andrea and the doll passengers

What a fantastic event!

The 2009 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally was very well organized by CMG Online. The event is the brainchild of CMG’s Editor and MBSR Rallymaster Rob Harris; who, with a crew of fantastic volunteers, route-planners and the support of MBSR sponsor Kymco put together a wonderful event of organized mayhem to delight the motorhead. A special thanks from the Dirty Girls on Hondas Team to all those hardworking people who made the 2009 MBSR possible.

Our team would also like to thank Honda Canada for the use of three wonderful 50cc scooter, both the Jazz and the Ruckus are delightful scooters to ride, comfortable enough for a very long day in the saddle and quite capably performed all the unusual demands of an endurance rally. Both scooters have impressive fuel efficiency that in no way compromises the fun these vehicles offer.

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Dirty Girls on Hondas Team on the scooter rally
2 Photos above: Barb Piatkowski

Aliki posing for the bonus-points photo
Extra bonus points are earned for creative photographs in this rally. We found a beautiful spot by a river to get some cheeky photos of the 'dirty-girls'. In this one Aliki is smooching her doll.

Barb P capturing the bonus points photo
This is the creative pose the photographer (Barb) had to assume to be able to capture the subject (Aliki) while I was almost too throughly entertained to manage to photograph the photography.

The DirtyGirls on Hondas scooter team will be participating in the 2009 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally June 12-13-14 2009. The MBSR is an endurance rally requiring scooters to follow a route of approximately 850 kilometers in under 24 hours, stopping along the way to collect 'Mad' points. Different than a race, this rally rewards stamina and creativity, navigational skills and a sense of humor.

MBSR CMG Rally 2009

More About... Our Earth Day Challenge - The Rally - The Team - The Scooters - Rally Charity - Why is this fun?

Read our Press Release PDF

2 Days to go!

The Dirty Girls on Hondas have been very busy preparing for the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally. We've been sewing costumes, sourcing secret (surprise) accessories, and looking over maps of Quebec and Ontario. It was our plan to be well rested before this event, but I find I'm too busy and excited to get the extra sleep that sounded like such a good idea when we planned it.

As the rally approaches and items get checked off our to do list, the pile of equipment gets organized, we're all getting pretty excited. We're attempting something no other team has considered - a second fundraising event on the same weekend. After we ride the rally route, our team will split up - two of us will go back to Toronto for the WROAR Ride, and one team member will remain to represent the team at the awards ceremonies on Sunday. It was a hard decision to split the team up, but all three team members have been involved in the WROAR ride and felt it was important to find a way to do both events. The WROAR Ride is a women's motorcycle ride raising funds for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape visit www.wroar.com for more information. The Canadian motorcycling/scootering season may be short, but we sure can pack a lot of excitement in - particularly on the longest days of summer!

Fundraising for two very worthwhile causes - the Kids Help Phone and the TRCC/MWAR, has given the Dirty Girls on Hondas team a chance to talk to our riding friends about our rally plans, and our non-riding friends about the exciting activities in the sport of scootering - fun all around, and the team has raised nearly $1,000 for both charities.

Check back later in June for photos and a report of the rally - June, July and August will feature updates from each of the Dirty Girls on Hondas team mates.

- Andrea

More About... Our Earth Day Challenge - The Rally - The Team - The Scooters - Rally Charity - Why is this fun?

Happy earth Day - Environmental Challege to all motorheads

Earth Day Challenge

Happy Earth Day! The Dirty Girls on Hondas Scooter team would like to issue an environmental challenge to other motorheads and internal combustion enthusiasts for the summer of 2009.

We'd like to challenge you to find new ways to get the most fun for the least gas! We think we've found a great way to do that, with our 50cc scooter team in the MBSR Rally... but we'd like to hear your most-fun-least-gas-motorhead-adventures too. Please send your response to our challenge to: girl@dirtygirlmotorracing.com

The Rally

MBSR Scooter Rally organized by CMG Online The MBSR is organized into different classes for different displacement scooters. All scoots have to ride the same route, but larger displacement scooters have a shorter time window in which to complete the rally. In this rally, MAD as it is, the coveted, premiere class are the 50 cc scooter, dubbed the 'Straight Jacket' class. Only the 50's have a full 24 hours in which to complete the rally route. It would be mad to ride 850 kilometers on a 50 cc scooter, so they give you points for that... it's forbidden by rally rules if it's illegal or dangerous, but if it's wacky, impractical, unlikely, surprising or just silly, it's probably rewarded by the rally points system.

Rally organizer, CMG Online, partnered with event sponsor Kymco Canada produce a very well run, safe and fun event. Remarkable that anyone can contain the mayhem MBSR riders are prone to. Or, to put it another way, this event attracts carefree and rugged individualists which I'm sure adds to the complexity of organizing such a multifaceted event, but they manage to do it and do it well. For more information on the "Mad Bastard Scooter Rally", please visit: www.madbastardrally.com

scooter rally departure and return point This year's rally starts and ends in Gatineau Quebec, across the river from Ottawa Ontario. The rally route remains secret until the riders meeting the night before scooters depart. We may travel through parts of both Ontario and Quebec this year. I know some of Ontario's best motorcycling roads are in that area, but I'm less familiar with the roads on the Quebec side.

The 2007 rally route was very well planned, covering a wide range of rural and urban terrain while remaining on secondary roads that the smaller scooters can travel safely closer to the speed limit.

For this years rally, we may have the opportunity to do some hill climbing! The terrain to the north and west of Gatineau climbs in elevation and becomes quite convoluted. What few roads there are in that direction would make for some interesting scootering. Speculation about the route will entertain us until the riders meeting.

scooter rally area terrain map

More About... Our Earth Day Challenge - The Rally - The Team - The Scooters - Rally Charity - Why is this fun?

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The Team

Assembling a team of women riders for this years MBSR was a challenge in itself. I know lots of women riders, but finding ones with just the right mixture of navigational skills, proven endurance, and a sense of humor was more difficult... but I think I've assembled a very strong team of riders. The three of us together bring a vast wealth of motorcycling skills and experience as well as a delightful sense of the ridiculous; I expect we'll have a great deal of fun too.

The DirtyGirl on Hondas Team Riders:

Dirty Girls On Hondas


Andrea's story of the rally


Barb's story of the rally


Aliki's story of the rally

Rider's name

Andrea (DirtyGirl) Goodman Barb (BIKERCHICK) Piatkowski Aliki (way-too-cool-for-a-nickname) Karayan

Rider's home

St.Davids, Ontario Etobicoke, Ontario Aurora, Ontario


My parents tell people I'm a website designer, which is mostly how I earn a living, although I spend my summers teaching motorcycle rider training. I also write and weld, but since my parents are still hoping I'll get a 'real' job someday, we won't mention that. Program Manager for the Rider Training Institute – I get paid to play with bikes! Motorcycle training and events specialist

Riding Experience

18 years of street riding experience, 9 years of track riding experience and 4 years of racing continuous licensed riding and bike ownership for well over half my life 11 years and counting

Favorite Road

The Cabot Trail is still one of my all-time favorite Canadian roads, 330 km's of sweeping curves, tight twisties, hills and valleys, gorgeous forest and seascape views. Any that is paved The path of most resistance

Racing Experience

Vintage road racing since 2005, including women's teams for the Mosport vintage endurance race with both Aliki and Barb as team-mates. track days and almost a VRRA endurance race (rained-out) VRRA endurance race 2006, Womens cup challenge, Parts Canada Superbike Championship 2007 ... and then I ran out of money

Favorite Track

Mosport, 'cause it just begs you to go faster, and faster... Cayuga Mont Tremblant..it's so scenic with all that pretty wildlife on the track

Endurance Rally Experience

2007 Mad Bastard Scooter rally... first woman to complete in the Straight Jacket class! Iron Butt Saddlesore 1000 finisher and part of a VRRA endurance race (rained-out) One VRRA Endurance race, the most chaotic experience of my life, 2-strokes are insane!!!!

Top 3 reasons to love scooters

1. I love small scooters best, I never fail to be amazed that a 50cc motor can do so much, and sound so good
2. low centre of gravity and small wheels give scooters unique handling characteristics unlike motorcycles or bicycles; scooters are charming and friendly vehicles.
3. Cargo space and grocery shopping convenience second only to a station wagon... except a scooter is way cooler than a wagon!
1. Twist and go – who doesn't love that?!
2. Lack of weight and all that storage space!
3. Ample seating and floorboards over footpegs!
1. Gas mileage is out of this world!!!!
2. Racing around scooters is so much more affordable than larger bikes
3. What's not to love???

What you think the DirtyGirls Team has that's special/unique

Three determined women! Me, Aliki and Andrea...3 hardcore riding chicks that absolutely love anything bike related! Three words... TEAM... DIRTY... GIRLS!!!!

Reason for entering the MBSR

I have been looking forward to this rally since 2007 MBSR, where I had the time of my life; it opened my eyes to the joys of scootering Bragging rights for riding a 50cc scooter for 24 hours with a team of girls in an exclusive rally! I ask myself that question everyday but there seems to be no logic behind it.

More About... Our Earth Day Challenge - The Rally - The Team - The Scooters - Rally Charity - Why is this fun?

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MBSR raising funds for the Kids Help Phone

Rally Charity - Kids Help Phone

This year the MBSR is giving riders extra 'Mad' bonus points for helping raise funds for the Kids Help Phone.

Sponsors helped a great cause, and gave a boost to the Dirty Girls on Hondas team too!

Thanks to those who sponsored our team, we helped the Kids Help Phone meet its most urgent needs, reach out to local communities, and continue to adapt to the changing nature of how children are communicating today and will be communicating in the future by making a team donation.

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The Scooters

Honda Jazz 50cc scooter For 2009 Honda Canada offers to models of 50 cc scooters, sort of a country mouse and a city mouse; the rugged and utilitarian Ruckus country mouse, and the jewel like Jazz urban mouse. Both are fuel efficient and clean running four-stroke motors with CVT drive.

The 50cc scooters are the smallest, lightest and the most nimble and these two Hondas are no exception. Small wheels and low axles make the pivot point very low when leaning in turns, and the low motor adds to the sensation of 'Weebles wobble over but they don't fall down' that you miss out on, riding motorcycles or even larger scooters.

Honda Ruckus 50cc scooter The other joy of the 50 cc scooters is their useability; twist and go throttle is effortless and you can pin them wide open and let the motor do it's thing. You can revel in the joyful sound of a motor pulling to the redline without fear of that go-to-jail ticket. Most motorcycles and even bigger scooters that mega-ticket is just waiting around the corner anytime you uncork the motor.

A rider on a 50 can enjoy everything that motor has to offer, and still travel at a safe and reasonable speed. What a joyful existance for a motor, to be able to express it's full potential regularly, the 50's must be the envy of their larger displacement cousins. They ask so little - just a bit of gasoline and occasional fresh oil - and they give so very much in return.

MBSR 2007 scooters dress up too! One of the unique aspects of the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally is that both scooter and riders are encouraged to dress in costumes. The 2007 MBSR featured some very interestingly dressed scooters, some impersonating space ships and other vehicles, and others dressed to match their riders costumes. There aren't enough costume parties for scooters!

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Why is this fun?

'Cause there's always someone who asks that...

The MBSR offers riders a very unique motorcycling experience. The chance to spend the longest of summer days with the scenery scrolling past at the sedate, even stately pace of a 50cc scooter, while enjoying the audio accompaniment of an internal combustion motor running gleefully at redline as we parade around 850 km's of Canadian countryside, contemplating acts of madness. How could you pack more fun into a single day of summer?

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The Dirty Girls on Hondas scooter team would like to thank Honda Canada for their support, allowing us the use of their scooters, even though they know we're going to flog them mercilessly for nearly 24 hours.

More About... Our Earth Day Challenge - The Rally - The Team - The Scooters - Rally Charity - Why is this fun?

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