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Dirty Girl's 2008 Racing Season

The 2008 Vintage racing season draws to a close... The season started with the Quinte TT, and the Mosport Vintage Festival in August, and finished with the Runway Romp in North Bay in September.

Vintage Racing in the media in 2008

Andrea Goodman # 418 at Mosport 2007

More 2008 excitment...

Summer plans - VRRA Schedule for 2008 - Winter '08 Bike projects - 2008 Off-season Excitement

Articles online this summer: Track Map page - Tire Pile guessing game - worm composting harvest update

Summer of 2008


Andrea at North Bay, the VRRA's 'Runway Romp'

North Bay Runway Romp

A unique racing experience, the change to race on an airport's runways and taxiways, while the airport is open for planes too! An exciting and challenging racing event, and a great way to end the racing season. Read more about the North Bay Runway Romp.


Mosport Vintage Festival

A world-class race track, regardless of the weather, provides a fantastic experience for a racer. Wet conditions have been an ongoing theme this summer; the vintage endurance race was red-flagged and then called 10 minutes early due to the weather. The weekend forcast improved for the sprint races. Read more about this year's vintage racing weekend at Mosport.
Andrea at Mosport August 2008


MOTORESS Womens Trackday July 6 2008

MOTORESS Womens Trackday JULY 6

Motoress organized a wonderful trackday experience, we had fantastic weather, a great track and a very unique day! Read more and see the photos.

For more information on the Motoress trackday visit: http://www.motoress.com/readarticle.asp?articleid=218&c=Technique


WROAR Ride - Sunday June 1st, 2008

The fourth annual WROAR Ride! 'Women Ride Out Against Rape' a motorcycle ride organized in support of the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape. This year we reached our goal by raising over $10,000.00 for the TRCC/MWAR! In the four years of the ride we've raised about 30,000.00. WROAR 4 was a wonderful ride with beautiful weather and a huge group of bikes. To find out more about how you can join the WROAR Ride, visit www.wroar.com for more ride information. To find out more about the cause the WROAR Ride is in support of, please visit www.trccmwar.ca.

WROAR Ride 4 - Sunday June 1st, 2008
WROAR 4 - June 1 2008 - www.wroar.com


International Female Ride Day 2008 - Click to visit the Motoress Website for more information

International Female Ride Day - Friday May 2nd, 2008

National Female Ride Day on May 4th in 2007 was such a huge success, with women riders submitting their photos from across Canada and the USA, so the decision to expand to 'International Female Ride Day' for 2008 was made. Visit www.motoress.com or read the Feb. 2008 press release for more information.

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VRRA 2008 Racing Season:

Vintage Road Racing Association - Motorcycle Vintage Racing
For more information on the Vintage Road Racing Association please visit www.vrra.ca

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Winter 07-08 bike projects

The very reliable NS250F has needed very little attention over the years, and the front end was entirely rebuilt last winter, so my plans for this winter aren't too extensive.

Aging plastic and rubber parts have allowed a few minor oil leaks, so new oil lines are on the list. I was hoping that the plastic reservoir for the oil injector holds together for another year or so, since I enjoy the convenience of not having to pre-mix gas and oil, but Tim convinced me that the 25 year old oil injector pump wasn't something I should be relying upon.

Read more about the NS updates, with photos: NS 250 F Article

Tim is planning some exciting new parts for his TZR250, and there are some great updates in his website about it - visit www.naughtyboymotorracing.com to read more.

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Winter excitement

MAX Award

I was honored to receive a MAX Award - the 'Motorcycle Awards of Excellence' - for journalism, at the motorcycle SUPERSHOW in January. Writing is, for the most part, a very private experience, and public accolades are rare. I felt very touched by this recognition, thrilled that my early writing efforts had come to the attention of my peers in the motorcycling world. Writing still feels new and challenging to me, something that I'm working to learn not learning to master. Seeing my MAX Award on the wall will motivate me.

2008 MAX Awards

2008 Website Updates

Ontario Racetracks

We have a fabulous wealth of paved road racing tracks here in Ontario, a wonderful resource for motorcyclists and racers. I've started a page for racetracks in Ontario, and I've collected track maps and some arial photos. I'm planning to do a series of track-walk photos too, over the next year and when I can get to each track.

Packing Tools

Article about packing tools for touring, tool and first aid kit packing lists included.
Andrea's Race Track Packing list stored here I know where to find it when pre-race-panic sets in

Worm Composting

Thinking about my personal allotment of carbon credits over this past winter, I decided to find new ways to get dirty and give something back to the environment, other than my exhaust fumes. Read about Worm Composting and my very cool but not very fast pets.

Vulcan page online

A few snowy days and I found time to assemble a Vulcan page for this website. I've put nearly 100,000 km's on my Vulcan, and it's still running like new, it deserves a tribute page! Vulcan page

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Dirty Girl Motor Racing

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