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Mad Bastard Scooter Rally 2007

Going a long way on a small scooter sounds like a rather mad way to spend a weekend. Doing it in a silly costume adds to the entertainment of this mad venture. The 2007 Mad Bastard Scooter Rally was a well organized and well run event, and I'm making plans for the next one already. My navigational skills need a great deal of work, I ended up riding much farther than required due to my navigational errors. I did warn my team-mates I wasn't a good navigator, but they kept asking me which way to go, although eventually they did come to believe my assertion as to my navigational expertise.

4:40 am, Tinkerbelle logged out on the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally
Tinkerbelle costume fluffed up and ready to catch bugs, riding a Kymco Super 9 'straight jacket class' 50 cc scooter, I was logged out at 4:40 am.

The 'Straight Jacket' 50cc class riders depart before dawn
The bright and reflective characteristics of the Aerostitch suit was very popular, particularly amongst the riders aboard slower scooters.

My 'Team Kymco' Straight Jacket Class team-mates Walter and Ed/Elvis
There were three 'straight jacket' class Super 9 entries on the Kymco Team; my team-mates, Walter and Ed/Elvis.

scooter riders cluster at gas stations
Early in the rally, near our starting point, scooters would congregate in gas stations. As the rally progressed, the larger/faster scooters got ahead of us, and it wasn't until near the end of the rally we started to encounter our fellow 'straight jacket' class riders in gas stations on the last leg of the journey

Some of the odd requirements of this rally involved kissing restaurant staff... really!
Getting points in this rally involved some rather odd things, including getting a photograph of yourself kissing the staff at the Sunset Restaurant. I wasn't too keen on this idea, until I arrived at the restaurant and discovered I've known the owners for years, my F.A.S.T. Scool buddy Andrea and her husband Stephen (seen here permitting my advances).

Even scooters dress in unlikely costumes for the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally
This silver rocket scooter with it's two rat co-pilots (Captain Roquforte and Captain Brie) livened up the rally considerably.

Surrounded by a large flock of Kymco Scooters
Kymco brought a large team this year, with entries in several classes, a large team of riders and even a truck to pick up stranded rally participants. None of the Kymcos broke down, but several other scooters did arrive back in the truck.

Tinkerbelle at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa
Tinkerbelle visits 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa, but is unable to speak with the Prime Minister. Big bonus points were offered but no one accomplished a photo with the PM.

Vikings at the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally
Rally winner, declared the 'Maddest Bastard of them all', and his Viking team-mate/brother.

After about 21 hours at full throttle and redline most of the day, the Kymco Super 9 was still running as happy as a clam. And after 21 hours on that seat, I was still sitting in perfect comfort. No motorcycle I've ever encountered (or car for that matter) has offered that level of long-term seating comfort. I've always thought of scooters as urban vehicles, and I'm rather amazed to find they make great endurance vehicles too. And now I know where to put my map for the next rally... not under the seat.

For more information on the 2007 Rally visit: www.madbastardrally.com/2007/index.html

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