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Dirty Girl Motor Racing goes Vintage!

Andrea and the NS250 at Mosport in 2006

Photo by Gary Mulcahey www.mulcahey.com

The Bike: Honda NS 250 F
2 stroke V-twin liquid cooled street bike converted to VRRA racing specs by Ken Livingstone.

The Rider: Andrea Goodman
Vintage motorcycle road racer, street riding instructor, motorcycle journalist

The Number: Racing number 418

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September 8 - 9 2007 - North Bay Runway Romp

North Bay is my favourite venue, although not my favourite track. I love the feeling of returning to the roots of vintage racing, and I enjoy the sights and sounds living at a running airport for a weekend. The curse of the vibrating silencers continues, while I kept them on the bike, my temporary bracket broke at the end of the weekend. Read the whole story of the North Bay RUNWAY ROMP

August 3 - 5 2007 - Mosport Vintage Festival

Mosport is my favourite track of all, and I had a wonderful weekend, starting with a trackday on Thursday, the Endurance race on Friday; another Team Dirty Girl adventure, and Sprint races on the weekend. The NS ran well, after shedding yet another silencer (that's three times this year; every time I've taken the NS anywhere) and although it was returned to me with only slight damage, I didn't have my welder with me, and I'm tired of those silencers anyway. I've ordered some of Tim's hand-crafted aluminum silencers for the next race. Read more and see the MOSPORT TT PHOTOS. My endurance team-mate Laura contributes her story: 'I Become a Dirty Girl'

June 16 - 17 2007 - Quinte TT

Hot, sunny weather and a busy weekend of racing. The Quinte TT was on the Nelson circuit at Shannonville this year. The updated front end on the NS made a big improvement in the handling of the bike, but as usual it shed one of it's silencers part way through the weekend. Fortunately my silencers are now well trained, and it rolled itself off the racing surface promptly. I was berating myself for not bringing my MIG welder with me, but when I recovered the silencer from the side of the track I realized it was a split in the aluminum weld that I wouldn't have been able to fix with my MIG anyway. I finished the weekend 'riding loud'. See the QUINTE TT PHOTOS.

May 24, 2007 - Trackday

The NS has enjoyed some winter updates, all of which have greatly improved the handling of the bike. It's like a whole new bike from the steering head forward. Disabling the anti-dive has stopped some of it's more alarming behaviours, and the stiffer suspension greatly improves the handling of the bike under braking. New tires are scrubbed in and I'm feeling better prepared for the racing season than in previous years. A pre-season trackday will be part of my schedule in future years.

Preparations for the 2007 Season

The season always seems to start too soon, no matter how eagerly awaited. I dallied over the contemplation of my tire options, and discovered a very new Avon tire. My main focus for off season modifications was to improve the handling of the front end under braking. The forks turned out to have very little oil remaining in them, and to contain the original short springs and long spacers. New progressive springs went in, and Tim machined up some new spacers for the forks. The NS got new steering head bearings and wheel bearings too. The NS's stock anti-dive has never worked in a way I liked, so I was contemplating disabling it. Tim was able to machine a suitable part for that too. The NS is now ready for another season of racing.

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VRRA North Bay P4F3 #418

2007 Season Sponsors

Dirty Girl Motor Racing is proud to acknowledge the support of Lincoln Electric; top quality welding equipment is a necessity in vintage racing, and Lincoln Electric's support of my racing efforts is greatly appreciated.
Thanks also to the Rider Training Institute for their ongoing support.
www.lincolnelectric.com - www.ridertraining.ca

Please see my 'Thanks' page for more sponsorship details and personal kudos.

If you would like more information about sponsoring Dirty Girl Motor Racing, please see Sponsorship Proposal PDF or contact girl@dirtygirlmotorracing.com

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2007 Racing Schedule for Dirty Girl Motor Racing

Testing Trackday: May 24, 2007

VRRA - Quinte TT - June 16 - 17 - 2007

Testing Trackday: July 17, 2007

VRRA - Mosport - August 3 - 4 - 5 - 2007

Testing Trackday: August 16, 2007

VRRA - North Bay - September 8 - 9 - 2007

Testing Trackday: September 20, 2007

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VRRA's 2006 - Andrea's Racing Report Vintage Road Racing season.

Dirty Girl's Rookie Racing Season - Andrea's 2005 Rookie Season Report


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Dirty Girl or Cover Girl?

Scooter Canada magazine, first cover

LC Media, publisher of Cycle Canada Magazine, launches Scooter Canada Magazine, a sister pubication to Scooter Quebec. As a contributor to Cycle Canada I had the opportunity to review Yamaha's C3 scooter featured on the cover, and that's me riding! Yes for one brief April issue I get to be a magazine 'Cover Girl'.

Sadly, Scooter Canada is no longer published


MAY 4 National Female Ride Day 2007

National Female Ride Day - 4 MAY 2007

Female motorcycle riders JOIN US to increase Female Rider Awareness. Simply ride your motorcycle or scooter on 4 May - your example encourages others to explore this rewarding activity. Even if you ride every day - we've made it a national celebration - your participation counts.

Motoress Female Rider Awareness

READ MORE: http://motoress.com/readarticle.asp?articleid=101&c=news


WROAR Ride - www.wroar.com

The WROAR Ride

Sunday June 10th 2007

Women Ride Out Against Rape
Proudly supporting the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre / Multicultural Women Against Rape

Andrea at the WROAR Ride 2007
Photo Credit: Vicki Gray/Motoress

WROAR III took place on a hot and sunny Sunday, June 10th 2007. For the past three years a group of women motorcyclists I'm proud to be a part of, have organized this event. To date we've raised nearly $20,000.00 for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre. Visit www.wroar.com for more information.

Andrea's article about the WROAR Ride III in Cycle Crossroads Magazine


June 23-24 - CMG's 'Mad Bastard' Scooter Rally.

Tinkerbelle in a Roadcrafter I earned my Certificate of Madness!

A long complicated route map, a 24-hour timeline and a 50cc scooter... full-throttle and redline all the way... read more

Thanks to Team Kymco for the Super 9 ride, and thanks to CMG for organizing a great event.

2007 Racing Season: Quinte TT - Mosport TT - North Bay RR

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